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Fine Art Portait Photography

Pehgi Studio Photique offers a uniquely poetic vision for portrait photography . Images created have timeless sense of imperishable beauty and presentation that goes beyond the mere term portrait. Peggy's persuit of excellence elevates portraits to a breathtaking level. An artform that captures the essence of beauty and creativity.

"I aim to Photograph people with a sense of the eternal that conveys a unique thumbprint of their sublime personality . Often a subtle nuance, captured, speaks volumes while the more obvious is left hidden. I thrive to make permanent, an individual's moment in an ever changing landscape of which they are part of a temporal place and time. Photography can seize this space between time so we can hold it in our view forever."

Comments: How incredible! how sublime and how perfect!!!! i love it forever. it is an heirloom that will just continue to gain beauty and significance with each passing year. thank you for giving to me what i treasure so much...visual art, visual memories of what was, forever, stopping a beautifully recognized! -g